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# 375159 Similac - Formula
# 999289 Enfamil - Formula
# 356179 Simply Right - Formula
# 213778 Gerber - Fruit
# 375159 Similac - Advance EarlyShield Baby Formula - 2.12 lbs
    •    Closer than ever to breast milk
    •    Birth to 12 months
    •    Early Shield: Immune support, Strong bones, Brain & eye
Similac ® Advance ® Early Shield Powder - just add water
Birth to 12 months
Closer than ever to breast milk
Makes 61 x 4 fl. oz. bottles
#1 brand fed in hospitals
With iron

# 999289 Enfamil - Premium Infant Formula - Tub & Refill Combo Pack 
    •    Milk-based powder with iron designed to ease fussiness and gas
    •    Supports growth, brain and eye, and immune system
    •    Newborns and infants, 0-12 months
    •    Leak-resistant tub design
Enfamil Premium Infant Formula provides complete nutrition and has been proven* to promote healthy growth similar to breastfed babies through 12 months.

# 356179 Simply Right - Complete Infant Formula - 48 oz.   
    •    Milk-based, balanced nutrition for baby's first year
    •    Easy to digest for fussy or gassy babies
Simply Right Complete Infant Formula provides balanced, milk-based nutrition for term infants experiencing fussiness or gas. It is designed as a first switch formula, instead of the soy alternative. This product is easy to digest, has partially broken-down whey protein and 1/4 the lactose of a standard, milk-based formula.

# 213778 Gerber - 2nd Foods Fruit - 18 pk/3.5 OZ
    •    6 - Apple
    •    6 - Banana
    •    6 - Strawberry
Once your baby eats easily from a spoon and has enjoyed the single-ingredient varieties, it may be time to introduce him to new tastes with GERBER® 2nd food fruits are farm grown and carefully selected to meet our high quality standards. INGREDIENTS/CONTENT: Assorted Fruit Purees
Excellent source of protective antioxidant Vitamin C
No Sugar Added
Farm grown and carefully selected to meet our high quality standards